Lydiate Learning Trust's Project 'L'

“Project L” is the name for our new reading project.
The aim is simple: to motivate students to read for pleasure. The more students read, the better they will be at reading. But if you don’t enjoy it, then “reading for pleasure” is not pleasurable!  We are challenging this barrier by choosing engaging and thought-provoking texts, to show our students that whatever their interests, there is a book for them.

To achieve this aim, we have incorporated reading time in to every school day. Students will read with their form tutor, and all students in each year group will read the same book at the same time, creating a shared reading experience and opening up opportunities for discussion and enjoyment.

L is for Literacy: this is a reading project.

L is for Literary Canon: a “canon” is a collection of Literature that represents a particular culture, place or tradition. We have chosen Lydiate Learning Trust’s canon to represent the values, beliefs and stories that we believe are central to our students’ development, and their understanding and enjoyment of the world that they live in.

L is for Lydiate Learning Trust: this is a Trust-wide initiative, and students across our Trust will be reading the same books at the same time.


What Are We Reading?

For more details of the books each Year Group are reading, plus some tips and recommended reading links, download our Reading 2021-22 list.


Remote Reading

“L” was for Lockdown …....  and for Let’s Read!

During lockdown, all of our students in Years 7 – 10 still read with their form every day.  By choosing the right books to share with our students whilst they were learning from home, we not only continued to foster a sense of community and shared experiences, even though we were apart, but it provided a refuge, created joy and happiness, fostered a sense of adventure and provided familiarity through maintaining the routine that we worked hard to establish this academic year.

Did you know that three out of five young people said that during lockdown, reading made them feel better, and seven out of 10 said that reading helped them when they felt down when they couldn't see their family and friends.

Students read the following books together online:

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